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Overnight Care

Having a carer stay overnight in case of a problem allows our clients to maintain their independence and stay in control of their lives.

It may be that your relative is recovering from an operation and they have visitors in the day but need a little extra reassurance through the night.
We recognise that live-in overnight care can provide peace of mind to both our clients and their relatives. Our carers will arrive before your loved one goes to bed, and stay through the night, just in case. We often find that live-in overnight care works well to help with a short-term situation. We work with you and your relative to tailor the care to their needs. We offer two types of care:

Waking Night Support

Waking night support is when a specialist carer stays awake during the night, taking an active role in making sure your loved one is comfortable, happy, and has taken any necessary medication when required. Waking night support is recommended for more complex conditions, such as the advanced stages of dementia.

We will arrange an initial assessment to determine the specific requirements and tailor the live-in overnight care to suit your relative’s needs. We always ensure that we have a thorough understanding of how things need to work, so you can rest assured that your loved one will receive the very highest level of night time support. It’s so important that they feel comfortable in the company of their carer, so we always dedicate the time for client and carer to get to know each other. We love to get to know your relative’s likes and dislikes, and we make it our business to adhere to house rules and routine.

Sleeping Night Support

Sleeping night support is when one of our specialist carers simply sleeps in the home. You may want to make use of a monitor so that if your relative wakes in the night and needs assistance, the carer can hear them and be on hand to help. With live-in care for couples, there can be days when one feels the strain of supporting the other, and you just need a bit of respite care before you return to the role of main carer. That’s what we’re here for – we can sensitively take over your role for as long as you need, and then take a back seat once you’ve recharged your batteries.