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Core1Care Outreach Service is a unique and person-centred support for clients to gain or maintain their independence in the community.

Recovery in the community is our key motto we aim to support you at home, and we are passionate about client’s rights to live the life they choose. Each individual will have a tailored personalised support plan which you can define your own priorities and goals.
We encourage clients to recognise and build on the strengths they already have and to eliminate barriers that impact on their mental health.
We support clients to access and maintain appropriate housing for their needs and to live the life they choose within their local community. Our staff know their communities well and will enable clients to access services and resources that are rewarding and promote their recovery and sense of belonging.
We work collaboratively with local services and in partnership with clients who use our services, their families, friends and carers, statutory mental health teams, housing providers and community organisations to provide a quality and effective service.
Our outreach offer is specifically designed for you to access support to provide a truly limitless approach to care. It is our most common support offer type with almost 80% of clients enjoying community outreach as part of their tailored package.

This support type might include:

All our outreach activities are focussed on achieving positive outcomes for the clients we support, including greater independence, confidence, and self-esteem. Whilst on support, service users are assigned their own 1:1 or 2:1 staff team, allowing flexibility .