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Our Aim, Our Services, Our Promise

To ensure people with personal needs support are treated as individuals and receive appropriate care and support which meet their needs, regardless of disabilities, or background.

To deliver a personalised service with realistic outcomes for the people we support.

To get to know and understand everyone’s individual support needs,  according to their support plan.

To assist them to lead and improve their lives through empowerment, enabling them to contribute to their personal and social development.

To develop their own individualised care and support plan using person-centred planning.

To promote appropriate health and social care services.

To provide a suitable qualified, knowledgeable workforce.

To adhere to statutory legislation, policy, and governance.

To communicate effectively with all appropriate professionals, partners, and clients we support.

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Our Staff

Our staff will have the confidence and understanding allowing us to provide support, which is authentic with a tailored approach. 

Staff will have mandatory high-quality training and support which mean, in return, they provide the very best level of support.

Core1Care was born out of the genuine need and understanding that help and support is sometimes needed to maintain living within the community. Our quality community based supported living services are tailored to offer genuine friendly support, allowing clients to feel most comfortable and at ease. We are regulated by the CQC, and we ensure that our services are safe, caring and well managed.

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